Photography by Lyn Santiago | Copyright 2012

November 15, 2015

Earlier this year I arrange one last photoshoot with this GTI before it left the island and headed back to the mainland. As hard as it is to find new locations to shoot (which is becoming more and more impossible on this small island), I was able to find a few spots out in Kapolei.

Although I still snapped a few night shots, I really I wanted to try a little something different this time around and experimented with light painting inside a moderately lit parking garage.

(PLACE your mouse pointer to one side of the image to see the before and after edit)

Here are the rest of my composites from inside the parking garage:

This was another fun shoot and I’m happy with how the final pictures turned out. Thank you and Aloha to Jesse Chong! Hopefully I’ll see you at Wuste one of these years!

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